Analysis & Engagement
via instant video distribution
& data integration

Mobii’s revolutionary technology powers real-time data and video integration that enables engagement for spectators and precision for professionals

Powering moments

Mobii provides seamless live interaction
Via state-of-the-art technology we seamlessly integrate real-time data and ultra-low latency video streams that enable engaging experiences for viewers and powerful tools for professionals.

Data & video at our core

Ultra low-latency video combined with data
that allows for enriched analysis and engaging experiences
Mobii’s data and video applications allow for precise analysis for better decision-making processes when it comes to optimizing performance, eliminating unsuccessful processes, or allowing for better engagement with stakeholders.
Ingested video feeds are time-synchronized and broken up into microblocks for speedy allocation
encoding cluster
Microblocks are encoded into formats & resolutions ahead of time and assigned to nodes
Ultra-low latency
Clusters of nodes are distributed based on reliable & available CDN’s closest to the viewers’ location


We’re an international team of domain
experts on the subjects of technology and sports

Greg Schultz
Over his 20-year track as a serial entrepreneur primarily in the technology sector, he has built five companies from the ground up and successfully sold four of them.
Roderick Barrett
Co-founder and a key component in the development of our technology. He works with the hardware engineering and design teams on new product development.
Brendan Barrett
Co-founder, developer, and software architect. Brendan has been behind the fundamental ideas that have shaped our approach to re-engineering ultra-low latency streaming.
Bevan Prophet
Co-founder and one of our lead technology architects. He has helped build and re-engineer all of our existing platforms and develop our core technology.
Brian Nichol
Worked for KPMG as VP for Finance. He then led Sales & Marketing within a corporate environment before transitioning to help high-growth companies achieve success.
Jonathan Riley
Experienced in Global Sports Marketing, Broadcast & Media Rights executive. Jonathan has held senior posts at two of the largest international Sports Marketing Agencies: IMG / TWI and Octagon, and global Media Ad agencies.
Gastón Porte
Seasoned marketer with a 20 year background in UI / UX participating in product design and promotion for startups in Fintech, Wellness, and Sports.
Mark Ray
12 years of experience in global sports. Mark led SANZAAR and World Rugby through technology enhancements and managed analysis across several industry platforms.
June 7, 2023

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April 14, 2023

NextComputing Becomes Exclusive Distribution and Fulfilment Partner for Mobii's one-of-a-kind Encoders and Real-Time Streaming Solutions in North America.

August 26, 2022

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July 15, 2022

The perks of near real-time streaming on CMAF

July 8, 2022

Sub <1 second streaming on CMAF is possible

June 3, 2022

3 ways to stream your virtual meeting to success

May 28, 2022

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