Ingest in the cloud, on-premises, or on-the-go

Deliver real-time streaming content with rich innovative services for viewers and professionals alike.
Our technology unlocks the true potential of video streaming
Broadcasters, Media Publishers, and Smart Stadiums can now harness the world’s lowest latency to deliver video, audio, and data content from anywhere to everywhere in less than 500 milliseconds. Mobii’s patent-pending Microblock technology powers our encoders for faster delivery than WebRTC’s o linear streaming, using CMAF in HLS/DASH and leveraging its advantages.

Encode & distribute locally or globally with video, audio & data distribution designed with simplicity, speed & efficiency in mind.

Speed, synchronization & interaction at scale

We enable a global End-to-End latency of less than 500 milliseconds. This is achieved by solving Encoding, Distribution and Playback latency.
Our Microblock technology enables real-time interaction from any end-user device from anywhere in the world.
We generate CMAF (Mpeg-Dash / HLS) streaming outputs, which are compatible with every major CDN and your video player of choice.

Ingest, encode & distribute with Microblock-ready solutions

Microblock technology is designed to keep video streams in perfect sync right from the source of ingestion, while offering unrivaled Encoding and Distribution latency at scale.

Apex encoder
On-premises integration
The Apex Encoder is designed for semi and permanent based on-site installation. Designed to be deployed into sport stadiums, Broadcast production sites, Data Centers and Outside Broadcast vehicles.
Virtua encoder
Cloud Ingestion
With on-site Microblock enabled encoders, multiple streams can be delivered to remote production studios, globally, in real-time and in different output formats. This significantly reduces operating and logistics costs while introducing performance efficiencies.
Apex Sport encoder
Coming soon

Sub-500 millisecond latency

Built-in self-healing video
High-quality video

Built-in security

Mobii offers personalized enterprise solutions.
Reach out so we can create the right one for you.
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