April 22, 2022
Published by
Mobii Systems
Latency matters

If you happen to be in Las Vegas this weekend, you’re in for a real-time treat.

We’ll be showcasing our latest ultra-low-latency solutions at our booth at the NAB Show at Las Vegas Convention Center. The technology we’ll feature enables a full suite of ultra-low latency products centered around time-synchronization, encoding, and distribution.

As specialists in scalable live video delivery at ultra-low latency speeds, we’ll be eager to show how anyone can deliver time-synchronized video anywhere around the world at speeds that can reach under 1 second in latency. 

This may seem like a bit much if it’s just read aloud, but trust us: once you see the ultra-low latency delivered, it’ll be like the beginning of a new era of streaming and distributing video. 

After two years without trade shows, we worked really hard to showcase our solutions at this year’s much anticipated NAB Show. So, come say hi –we’ll be expecting to see you!

Mobii @ NAB Show 2022


Las Vegas Convention Center

West Hall, 300 Convention Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Click here for directions

Booth location

Click here for directions

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