April 16, 2021
Published by
Mobii Systems
Mobii moves forward in the HYPE Global Virtual Accelerator program

As a RICC Incubator Cohort15 member, Mobii Systems recently finalized its participation in the four verticals of HYPE Global Virtual Accelerator, the leading virtual sports innovation accelerator network worldwide.

Mobii’s Timing, Analytics, and Connect technologies have a proven track of interoperability and adoption. These factors allowed Mobii to be selected by eight prestigious companies to participate in HYPE: Star TV network, Eurovision Sport, Bundesliga International GmbH, FC Köln GmbH & Co., Rogers Sports & Media, FIBA, Legia Warszawa S.A., and Swiss Timing Ltd.

“While our journey is only just beginning, we want to thank the program directors Marisa Reich, Ryan McCumber and Gerard Klein for their outstanding effort and coordination together with Amir Raveh, Zvika Popper, David Olwyn and the rest of the HYPE team for creating this outstanding Accelerator”, said Greg Schultz, CEO of Mobii, about the experience.

HYPE Sports Innovation is the largest global ecosystem in sports innovation with over 40,000 members, including retail brands, athletic clubs, federations, academia and startups. As part of HYPE, Mobii will be able to collaborate across the industry and create new offerings and services for the sports market.

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