July 15, 2022
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Mobii Systems
The perks of near real-time streaming on CMAF

At Mobii we aim to provide the best real-time streaming experience to our client’s audience. That’s why developed our patent-pending ultra-low latency technology that delivers synchronized live video in less than one second with virtually no buffering.

By breaking the video content into “Microblocks”: the tiniest segment a video can get defragmented, encoding is performed in milliseconds while maintaining perfect frame-level time synchronization.

Also, our ultra-low latency technology incorporates the CMAF format to optimize transcoding and distribution. CMAF, which stands for Common Media Application Format, is a standard streaming format compatible with the main streaming protocols: HLS (Apple) and DASH (Android). CMAF saves time, storage, and money by packaging only one “copy” of every single Microblock, instead of duplicating to each protocol format.  

By using the CMAF format we are able to:  

• Reduce storage space: CMAF works with one single copy of the content and two manifest files. The manifest files are much lighter than content “segments” or “chunks”. This means CMAF frees up space and traffic at CDNs (Content Delivery Networks).

• Save time: With a single encoding and encryption process, CMAF efficiently reduces the packing process, and with Mobii’s Microblocks the transcoding process is way faster.  

• Increase scalability: CMAF is compatible to most iOs and Android devices, as well as the most used web browsers. This means we can reach a wider audience without increasing costs and processes.

• Efficient spend: All deployment costs are directly reduced by a single encoding and encryption, as well as smaller storage space needed. This way you can actually invest in innovations and complementary services to bring a better user experience to your audience.

Ultra-low latency with CMAF is not only possible, but it also opens the door to an innovative offer of real-time services directly controlled by the end-user. Now everyone can live a unique experience from each live-streaming event.

• Multi-angle video: Choose and switch the point of view you wish to watch from. We bring you different camera angles, you choose the best one.

• Moment clipping: Want to clip that killer goal that Neymar scored seconds ago? Instantly scrub back a few seconds and extract it.

• Interactive overlays: Polls, bets, comments, and notes. Be an active part of the live experience.

• Self-healing technology: Video feeds become active during network disruption, ensuring you never lose a single frame of video.

• Bufferless instant video seek back: Was that a foul? Get the real-time experience with instant video seek back from a multi-angle perspective anytime you want, however many times you want.

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