sport DATA

In-play tools for collaboration
and refined analysis

The complete performance analysis toolbox
for individual teams as well as large sport

Superior Performance Analysis
via Data + Video

Our team sport agnostic analytics & media platform combines next-level video processing technologies with a sophisticated data model and high-performance server and software architecture that enables stakeholders to put context to data quickly and to gain incredible insights into performance.
Time-synchronized ultra-low latency video
Our cloud architecture stores, processes, time synchronizes video both live and on-demand. By connecting analytics, every single data metric is referenced to video within the platform.
In-play analysis and
live event coding
Mobii intuitively links events together within Possession or Ball In Play, doing away with complex formulas and coding. No more scripting.

Unveil the curtain,
see what’s behind scenes

Precision analytics
& reporting
Standarized data model
In-depth, chained data with precision timed events that unlock new insights and speed up complex workflows. Events are linked together in chains that remove ambiguity and provide context when querying related data. Sequences can be queried over time to identify trends in a single match or even over many seasons.
Flexible reporting engine
Available across the platform, Mobii Reporting really comes into its own in the cloud, allowing analysts to run queries without having to download years of data from matches. Use our platform or export the report data into your existing analysis toolset, and save hours in your current workflow.
Custom data and insights
Code your own data, or simply subscribe to the Mobii Match Data Service. With consistent datasets on entire competitions, analysts can focus on understanding their team and profiling competitors without havingto match code.
Rugby match data repository
Leverage our Rugby data repository
Reduce time spent match coding by leveraging the comprehensive Match Data service, with access to thousands of global matches over the past decade.
Video management
Built for streaming
Upload or sync your video and it will automatically be transcoded into adaptive formats for streaming on various platforms
Hassle-free video sync
Mobii time-syncs a video once, which links to all connected users and eases workflows.
Competition video library
Tournaments can distribute video they have rights to, allowing Analysts to access multiple angles in multiple resolutions.
Software & utilities
Multi-stream collaboration utility
Mobii Revu is a multi-stream viewer application with collaboration and annotation capabilities. Connecting to streaming outputs directly from a Smart Encoder, or from online, Revu enables users to create secure sessions to monitor multi-stream video content. Users can tag events in the stream, that are instantly shared to both local and remote users connected to your session. Tagged events can be instantly replayed and collaboration utilities mean you can annotate and create comments on each tagged event.
Mobii Coder
Use video, comprehensive match data, and a seamless coding and assessment experience to facilitate your referee coaching process. With full access to the analytics platform and assessment process, referees and referee coaches can review games, isolate key focus areas and share insights to improve referee performance, transparency and insight into teams and players.
Generate Playlists straight from Match Video or by selecting any metric from any Report, isolating key points to share and discuss. Mobii supports multiple camera angles and any resolution while allowing new angles to be added long after a playlist has been created. Analysts can work immediately, and players and coaches can use all the video available when they view the playlist.

Better performance analytics, more wins

HUDL / SportsCode
Web Portal
Video Coder Software
Insights Mobile App
Match Data Full Code
Custom Code Data
Self-Code Data
Media & Website Integration
The powerful Smart Encoder
8 video inputs powered by Mobii’s connect technology
The Smart Encoder ingests multiple input video feeds, time synchronizes, and encodes each to multiple bitrates, while storing this internally on the unit itself. Video is distributed over a local network for consumption in CMAF, SRT, and RTMP formats. When connected online, it will sync to Mobii Connect/DEC and dedicated end-points.
With microblock technology enabled on the Smart Encoder, feeds can “self-heal” during network disruption, ensuring you never lose a single frame of video. Applications can be loaded to the Smart Encoder, enabling new workflows that are tightly integrated with video, audio, and data.

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