January 19, 2021
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Mobii Systems
South African sports tech startup Mobii announces expansion into Canada


Sports technology startup Mobii announces its expansion into the Canadian market, which will be led by Greg Schultz, Chief Executive Officer of Mobii Systems North America.

“We are very excited and are getting to work as soon as possible, ensuring we hit the ground running and kick off our operations in North America whilst greeting the new year from our new headquarters in the Innovation District of Brampton, Ontario” says Schultz. “This base of operations will enable us to better serve and expand into the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.”

Schultz, a long-term group senior executive with specialized skills and expertise in the industry,  plans to commercialize Mobii’s intellectual property by establishing and scaling an innovative and unique business model in Canada. For several months, he has been gathering insights to fully understand the market’s needs and how the Mobii technology can best meet them.

Mobii’s sports technology is the most accurate prescription for the state of Canada’s current culture surrounding sports, health and wellness. The company’s primary technology suite, comprising fan engagement solutions, sports timing solutions, sports data analytics, sports video content, live streaming and electronic ticketing, come together to complement interaction at all levels of society: from community-driven events to high performance sports analysis, enabling coaches and team administrators to analyze, strategize and take teams to their peak, as well as engage richly with fans at venues and at home.

Besides the local deployment of the Mobii Cloud technology stack, Mobii’s entry into the country includes a long-term plan to manufacture and assemble all its hardware components in Canada, supporting local industry, ensuring a high level of quality, and delivering a proudly Canadian finished product to the local market.

Roderick Barrett, the CEO of Mobii Systems (PTY) Ltd, stated: “Mobii has been preparing to formally enter the international arena for some time, we are very excited about Greg having joined the team and playing a key role in developing and executing this growth strategy. Greg brings tremendous experience and has a proven record in scaling technology orientated companies. Canada is an ideal location for our new global base to expand into North America and other territories. With Greg at the helm, we are confident that Mobii will reach its global ambition.”

Canada’s openness towards new innovative technologies has paved the way for Mobii’s entry through its Referral Partner program. The company is proud to be associated with the City of Brampton as its referral partner, and is looking forward to exploring opportunities with the city and its partners, including a potential alignment with Ryerson University’ and its Health and Wellness programs.


Source: http://mobii.com/press/south-african-sports-tech-startup-mobii-announces-expansion-into-canada/

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