Versatile Cloud-Based Video stream management & API

Manage your streams, channels and video player control from anywhere in the world using your existing workflows.
Advanced Pipeline Provisioning
Stream revolutionizes video streaming processes with its advanced pipeline provisioning capabilities, ensuring every detail of your video stream is fine-tuned to perfection.
Streamlining Streaming
Manage encoder performance to ensure reliable streaming, configure input sources to deliver tailored media content, and establish video and audio encoding profiles for optimal quality and resource management.
Enhancing Broadcast Quality
Mobii Stream offers precise control over video stream and channel outputs to meet diverse distribution requirements.

The overlay management feature enhances broadcast quality by adding professional overlays, with support for overlays.

These capabilities provide a high level of control and customization, essential for delivering a professional and seamless streaming experience.
Comprehensive Stream Management with API Flexibility
Beyond pipeline provisioning, Stream offers robust stream management tools and the versatility of API integration, making it a powerful tool for both direct management and integration into existing platforms.
User Roles and Security: Implement advanced security and define specific user roles andprivileges.

Channel Management: Manage streams and channels efficiently for uninterrupted operation.

Global Connector Distribution: Ensure global content distribution with advanced tools.

CDN and DRM Profiles: Integrate with CDN networks and manage DRM profiles effectively.
Manifest and Recording Management: Flexibly control manifest files and manage recording storage.

VOD and File Management:
Enhance your video library with VOD content uploads and tagging.

Stream Usage Analytics:
Obtain valuable insights from detailed analytics on stream usage.

Third-Party Player Integration:
Stream supports integration with various third-party video players,enhancing its adaptability.
You can easily add or remove streams with just a simple click. Whether it's due to technical issues or high demand from viewers, you have the flexibility to adjust your streams as needed. Simply add or remove streams at your convenience with ease.
Playvu configuration
Seamlessly configure the interactive Playvu video player for an engaging viewer experience.

To get started, find out which encoder is perfect for you:

Apex Encoder
Designed for semi & permanent on-premises installation. Deploy it in Stadiums, Broadcast production sites, Data Centres & Outside Broadcast Vehicles. 
Apex Sport Encoder

Virtua Encoder
A cloud-based virtual machine solution, ingesting multiple video sources like RTMP and SRT, andintegrating them into the Mobii Media Services pipeline.
Purchase any of our encoding solutions to start streaming with Mobii Stream today.
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