December 31, 2020
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Mobii Systems
Gen Z is not dictating a trend, but reshaping an industry

When it comes to the Gen Z’s entertainment interests, a study from Statista showed that music is the top category they prefer. The second most popular is video games.

Another survey from Deloitte shows that only 10% of Gen Z respondents said that watching TV or movies was their favorite pastime, compared to the 26% that chose video games. It is even more striking to see compared to other age groups, who have basically kept the TV and movie theater businesses going. 

But Gen Z’s preference towards digital experiences does not spell doom for activities like sports or other live events, which they rarely mention as their preferred choices of entertainment. On the contrary: it can enhance them. Individual event-viewing experiences can bring the best of the two worlds together.

With OTT technology, Gen Z users can individually choose exactly what they want to see form an event, whether it is a major sports league, an indie concert or a small college-level game, and then merge it with an engaging, gamified experience on social media.

Understanding content platforms and how they are being consumed is useful both for people creating the content, but also for people consuming it. It allows for a better-rounded user experience that can enhance the relationship with sports and their fans, for example, or musicians with their audiences in the case of non-sports related content.

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