For smart stadiums

Digitize your Stadium Environment

Stadium operators, Clubs and Federations can now instantly digitize their stadium environment and produce their own live and video on demand content at will.
Power in-stadium workflows and connect your stadium to the world in real-time
Our Smart Series encoders connect to multiple camera sources and encode video to a multitude of synchronized output formats that are accessible on the stadium’s local network. Users and applications can simply connect to the stadiums network and access camera feeds on any device, wherever they are located. Connect online and cloud enable your stadium environment, supporting real-time remote workflows and engaging with fans globally.

Empower sports professionals,
broadcasters, and fans with the Smart Encoder

Employing ultra-low latency technology live multi-angle content can be streamed to consumers globally in HD in less than 1 second. This technology allows for professionals to easily search for, and analyze content across properties and seasons, rightsholders to broadcast to worldwide audiences, and for fans to interact and create user-generated content on the fly.
Never miss a single second with self-healing video
Utilizing self-healing technology, video remains time-synchronized even if there is a temporary break in internet connectivity.
Easy access for any amount of stakeholders anywhere on Earth
Stakeholders working in-stadium or remotely can access all live streaming camera angles andinteract with their content.
and ease
of deployment
The smart encoder can be rack-mounted into the stadium or directly into the OB Van, accepting HD-SDI feeds, with a Fiber SFP connector to feed the video streams into the stadium.

Digitally enable your Stadium

Our in-stadium solution powers On-site production, big screen displays, Sports analysis platforms, Television Match Officials, HIA/Medical teams, VIP suites, Media and Communication teams as well as driving global fan engagement applications.

With permanent installation, you can create a central ingestion point for all video content within your stadium environment. Connect to both existing fixed/mobile and broadcast camera source feeds, with support for SDI, NDI, SRT and many other ingest formats.
Our Smart Series encoders feature Microblock technology, designed to protect against unstable video inputs, dropped frames and vulnerability due to network instability, creating ultra-resilient feeds for mission-critical workflows that never lose time sync.
In-Stadium Distribution
Encode and store video directly on the Smart Encoder, with streaming video output accessible on the local stadium network, which means that users can connect from anywhere within your stadium environment.
Build your video repository in the cloud
When connected online, all streaming video output feeds are synced and stored online in real-time, enabling you to build your own accessible online video repository, where you can export video, create clipped content on the fly.
Real-time remote workflows
All video feeds can be streamed online with sub-1 second global “Light to Glass” latency, enabling you to support remote users with real-time access to content, as if they are right there in the stadium itself.
Stream content to global fans
Engage with fans globally and stream content at scale with a platform that you control. With synchronized multi-camera feeds, fans can direct their own viewing experience with latency so low, it’s as if they are right there in the stadium.

Tools designed for winning results

Our in-stadium solution powers On-site production, big screen displays, Sports analysis platforms, Television Match Officials, HIA/Medical teams, VIP suites, Media and Communication teams as well as driving global fan engagement applications.

Match day video setup
For Outside Broadcast In-Stadium Video Distribution
Typically, a broadcaster needs to make their camera feeds available to a number of in-stadium stakeholders, such as commentators, sports teams, Television Match Officials, Medical Teams and the like. This usually involves extensive on-site setup and tear-down to route cables to various locations, introducing cost and complexity.
With Mobii’s In-stadium solution, broadcasters can connect camera feeds to a single location. Feeds are then encoded by the Smart Encoder and output video streams are made available anywhere on the stadiums local network for consumption.This greatly reduces the infrastructure requirements needed to support in-stadium video applications.
Sports analysis
For Teams, Coaching Staff and Analysts
Sports teams typically require additional hardware encoders to ingest and encode raw video feeds for use in their analytics software. With each team and user, we simplify the teams match day operation by creating perfectly synchronized video feeds, encoded in the correct format, that can be ingested directly into their sports analysis software of choice.
All video content can be stored online in real-time, meaning that teams can access complete match footage in every available camera angle wherever they are.Teams can also access live streaming content remotely, in real-time, meaning that critical decision making can take place outside the stadium.
Mobii Revu
For Television Match Officials, HIA/Medical and Media & Communication teams
Mobii’s video review software, targeted at TMO’s, Medics, and Comms teams is made available through a web browser-based application on the Mobii Encoders & via Connect cloud. Multiple users can join a secure session and work collaboratively from any device both locally at the stadium or remotely

Global streaming at scale

Streaming to fans both within and outside the stadium environment
When connected online, all encoded camera feeds are synced online and can power unique real-time global streaming experiences that you control.
Offer your fans more than just a passive linear experience. Mobii enables you to deliver multiple video streams with perfect synchronization, allowing your viewers to “direct their own experience” and be more active in their consumption of content.
Transition between video streams without buffering and offer viewers a unique viewing experience by enabling them to change their viewing experience in real-time.
With sub-1 second global latency, fans at home will share the same experience as those seated in the stadium.
Mobii offers personalized enterprise solutions.
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