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Revolutionizing Remote Sports Workflows
Revu stands as a pinnacle in real-time stream monitoring and collaborative utility. Utilizing Mobii’s Microblock Technology, it facilitates seamless management and collaboration on synchronized, real-time video feeds across the globe. This tool is indispensable in the sports sector, enhancing remote workflow capabilities for various teams — from sports analysts and coaches to medical and media personnel.

Industry-transforming utility

Global Synchronization:
Leverage real-time video feed synchronization to ensure that every team member, no matter where they are in the world, has instantaneous access to live sports action.
Specialized for Sports:
Leverage real-time video feed synchronization to ensure that every team member, no matter where they are in the world, has instantaneous access to live sports action.
Revu is not just about monitoring:
It's a comprehensive platform that supports and enhances the decision-making processes in sports through real-time, collaborative video analysis.
Collaboration Made Easy

Custom Viewing Experiences: Tailor the platform with custom viewing templates that match the workflow needs of different teams, from officiating to media production.

Secure, Authenticated Access:
Ensure that collaborations remain secure with authenticated sessions, making remote connections as reliable as being on-site.
Our 500 millisecond latency makes remote workflows possible
✓ Fast setup, connect instantly, easy to use
✓ Supports multiple users working concurrently in sessions
✓ Cross-platform compatible - web browser based
✓ Navigate between multi-angle and single view of selected feeds
✓ Seek video instantly
✓ Playback speed control
✓ Extend / Duplicate views on additional screens
✓ Set customizable time delay per feed
✓ Quick click to tag event
✓ Events shared instantly to all local & remote users
✓ Set clip duration, add comments, annotate and set views
✓ Control playback views of selected clips
✓ Clip, share & export match video feed
✓ Secure remote live access to match session

Manage, monitor, and control.

Never miss a single frame with self-healing video
Our unique video processing technology ensures every video content is securely available for review and distribution both within and outside the stadium, making sure no single frame is ever lost.
Remote workflows
Revu enables remote workflows for sports officiating, breaking the tradition of being confined to the TMO box or sideline. With live footage available with less than one second delay, officials can make quick decisions and assess medical injuries. Communication with referees is streamlined, and channels can be created for different departments within the stadium.

Here's what our customers say

Nishant Nereyeth, MLR
Director Operations and Marketing
“With Mobii, we have been able to support critical match day services that depend on reliable, ultra-low latency video distribution. The ability to deliver multiple frame-synchronized video feeds with sub 1-second latency, means that Television Match Officials and Medical teams can make key decisions when it matters most. This ability supports our vision to migrate critical match-day venue operations to fully remote workflows.”
Powering your video feeds
Synchronize, encode & upload your ultra low-latency Microblock streams in a variety of streaming formats for on-premises & remote consumption with the Mobii Smart Encoder
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Our products are powered by our Microblock technology, which
makes sub-500 millisecond ultra low-latency a reality.

<500ms ULL

We deliver Glass to Glass in sub-500 millisecond latency thanks to our patent pending Microblock Technology.


We generate CMAF (Mpeg-Dash / HLS) streaming outputs, which are compatible with every major CDN and your video player of choice.


Our Microblock technology enables real-time interaction from any end-user device from anywhere in the world.

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