May 13, 2022
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NFT art galleries are coming to a living room near you

Goodnews to Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art owners, and enthusiasts: NFT platforms have recently joined organizations like Roku and Samsung, to develop a streaming service that will allow you to showcase your new art pieces in your living room directly through your smart TV.  

Nifty Gateway, an NFT auction platform, teamed up with Samsung to display NFT art pieces with the most highly detailed quality on its “The Frame” tv set. On the other hand, StreamNFT is a TV app compatible with the streaming channel store Roku, which will enable NFT owners to download their artworks to any Roku device, and display them with customized experiences according to each device maximum quality capacity.

Bothplatforms will also stream a wide catalog of NFT unique digital art pieces which users can explore, save, buy, and sell. Also, sales will be available with traditional currencies through debit and credit cards, instead of only cryptocurrency, which has been so far the only payment method available in theNFT market.


ThisNFT market expansion to a mainstream marketplace will surely increase the spread of digital artists and their NFT work, by making them more accessible, understandable, and appreciable. According to a report released in April 2022, the NFT market size is expected to grow by 147.24 billion USD from 2021 to 2026, mainly attributed to the increasing demand for digital artwork. Nifty Gateway states its mission is to reach 1 billion NFT art collectors. Streaming an attractive catalog through your tv could be the way to get there.


While most digital art pieces are still images, some NFT platforms are working on removing the limits for video NFTs. Vivid Labs is exploring long-video formats to commercialize special edition movies and tv shows as NFTs for a premium price, just like special edition DVDs were marketed last decade.


To ensure each NFT’s authenticity in the streaming platforms, the auction sites will only allow to display verified pieces and synch each acquisition through the collector’s secure blockchain wallet.


So, who knows? You might find yourself showcasing the internet’s next Damien Hirst at a house party sometime soon.


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NFT art galleries are coming to a living room near you

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