Introduction to the Mobii Active 2.4 GHz Timing System

A quick look at why the Mobii Active 2.4 GHz Timing system is set to change the way sports are timed


Active 2.4 GHz Pod used in Road Cycling

Video showing a performance test of the new Mobii Active Tag in Road Cycling


Active 2.4 GHz Pod used to time a Superbike at 275km/h

Video showing a performance test of the new Mobii Active Tag on a Superbike driven by World Superbike rider David McFadden


Active 2.4 GHz Pod used in Water Sports

In January 2015 we were given the opportunity to showcase the Mobii Active Tag timing system in water sports. Here is a video produced by the organisers of The Langebaan Downwind Dash. You won't see it in the video, but the pods were stationed on yachts used as timing checkpoints on course and the tags were worn by each participant. This finally proves that cost-effective live automated water sport timing can be done.


Active 2.4 GHz Pod used in Triathlon

A showcase of the our newly designed Active Tag system used in Triathlon events.


Safari Half-Marathon

This video shows the system in use at a large road running event and each runner was able to view their results and PHOTO FINISH immediately after crossing the finish line:


Active 2.4 GHz Ocean Performance Test

This video showcases the extreme performance of the Mobii Active Tag taken through its paces in an ocean test.


Road Cycling (Passive RFID Pod)

The Passive RFID Pod has been used successfully in a number of Road Cycling events. Our new Active 2.4 GHz Pod and Tag system is the next evolution designed for this sport.


Live Results in Mass Participation event streamed to tablet in real-time

As each person approaches the line, the commentary pod located 100m before the finish identifies each runner and displays this on a commentators tablet so that he can announce their arrival. Once the runner finishes, then their result displays live on the same tablet so that their time and position can be announced in real-time.